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About Us

We are a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to developing new therapies for the treatment of central nervous system (CNS) diseases.

Our Mission

The flagship company program is focused on discovering new and effective treatments for mental health problems.

Our vision is to transform the treatment of people who suffer from psychiatric and neurological disorders.

At Pasithea, we shall integrate the fields of immunology and neuroscience to focus on new therapeutics and on new predictive biochemical markers for psychiatric and neurologic diseases that have enormous unmet needs. I am delighted to serve as Executive Chairman to help accomplish these goals.

Professor Lawrence Steinman

What makes us different?

We Are Built On A Strong Foundation

World Class Management Team

Pasithea is led by Professor Lawrence Steinman, Endowed Chair in the Neurology Department at Stanford University, who has founded several successful biotech companies and taken drugs to market.

Research is headed up by Dr. Tiago Reis Marques, a renowned psychiatric researcher with decades of experience in the biological mechanisms of depression.

Capital Light Infrastructure

Instant operations in London through a partnership with Zen Healthcare, which has three central London clinics, based in Marylebone, Holborn and Knightsbridge.

In the USA, Pasithea has partnered with The I.V. Doc®, a leading operator of mobile clinics, to gain widespread distribution. Operating through this company, Pasithea gains rapid exposure and expansion throughout the country in a capital light manner.

Diversified Revenue Stream

Antidepressant clinics provide greater visibility of revenue & EBITDA.

Immediate exposure to USA and UK markets means cash generated by clinic operations will be used to further fund the high-potential reward of the biotech program.