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Our Leadership

Pasithea team is comprised of experts with decades of experience in research and drug development in neuroscience and and extensive know-how at leading biopharmaceutical companies.

Professor Lawrence Steinman


Professor Lawrence Steinman is currently the George A Zimmermann Endowed Chair in the Neurology Department at Stanford University. As founder of the Steinman Laboratory at Stanford University, he is a renowned immunologist whose research focuses on the pathogenesis of autoimmune diseases — especially multiple sclerosis (MS). His laboratory was instrumental in the discovery of blockbuster drug Natalizumab (sold as Tysabri), a treatment for MS with annual sales of nearly $2 billion USD.


Dr. Tiago Reis Marques

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Marques is a fellow at Imperial College London and a lecturer at the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London. Dr. Marques is also a psychiatrist at Maudsley Hospital, rated as one of the top three psychiatry centres in the world. His research focuses on topics including the mechanism of action of psychiatric medication and the unveil of novel treatment targets. Dr. Marques has co-authored international treatment guidelines and written book chapters, including in the leading book in the field, “Neurobiology of Mental Illness.


Dr. Adam Nadelson

Managing Director of Pasithea Clinics USA

Dr. Nadelson is an American Board-Certified Surgeon and the founder and CEO of The I.V. Doc®. The I.V. Doc® software and technology platform has enabled their clinical affiliates to treat over 50,000 patients and establish relationships with over 800 clinicians over the past seven years. 

Dr. Yassine Bendiabdallah

Chief Operating Officer & Board Member

Dr. Bendiabdallah has a PhD in Medicinal Chemistry from University College London and extensive experience in the design and evaluation of novel drug candidates. He is a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) and the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS). He is also a co-founder and managing director at Zen Healthcare, which has partnered with Pasithea to deliver Ketamine treatments through their network of clinics in the UK.

Mr. Hassan Almuaathen

Managing Director of Pasithea Clinics UK

Mr. Almuaathen qualified as a pharmacist in 2011, and is a member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. He is a managing director and co-founded Zen Healthcare when the company was established in 2015. His research interests include functional medicine and genetic health advances.