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Our Clinics

Pasithea Therapeutics’ secondary business focuses on providing private intravenous infusions of Ketamine to treat treatment-resistant depression (TRD).

Operations will take place across the UK and USA through partnerships with successful healthcare companies.

US Clinics

In the USA, Pasithea has partnered with The I.V. Doc®, a leading operator of mobile clinics, to gain widespread distribution. Operating through this company, Pasithea gains rapid exposure and expansion throughout the country in a capital light manner.

Pasithea will operate from two base locations in the USA: LA and NYC. The mobile clinic model provided by The I.V. Doc® allows for expansion into approximately 30 cities in the USA that The I.V. Doc® operates in.

UK Clinics

The UK branch of Pasithea’s clinics is operating from a capital light partnership with Zen Healthcare, a leading group of practices with three locations in Marylebone, Knightsbridge and Holborn. Zen’s practices give Pasithea Therapeutics immediate exposure in the UK.

Other advantages include the existing management structure and qualified general practitioners, pharmacists, therapists, and psychotherapists.